Fugly Strap


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This strap was the start to our ‘Fugly’ family of toys.   Not pretty, but pretty darn effective.   Made with 1/2″ neoprene rubber, this strap can leave a lasting impression.  Cleans well after use.  Size: 1″ x 14″


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2 reviews for Fugly Strap

  1. G
    5 out of 5

    Fantastic toy, it seriously packs a punch. In my opinion, the neoprene rubber doesn’t allow for an isolated pain, rather it spreads pretty well. I looked at this toy for the first time after my partner used it on me in 3 different play sessions and I was shocked at how small it is, with the pain from it I assumed the toy was 2-3 inches wide rather than 1. It gives a pain different from a stingy cane hit which I’m not a fan of, but this one is pretty mean and pretty fantastic. Everyone should own one of these, it is a ton of fun. And the feeling of just running the neoprene rubber against your skin is amazing too. Absolute quality toy.

  2. Morrigan Bonegardener
    5 out of 5

    I fugging love my fugly strap! The impact of this strap is a blow you over thud sensation that spreads and leaves a nice bruise. The flexibility means that I can use it on myself too! One for me, one for you 😉

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