The Original Red Room

The Red Room

In October, 2013 Bound2Please was chosen create the toys and restraints for the Red Room in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.  We were going to make toys suitable for a billionaire’s play room.

In November the creating and prototyping started.  Colour themes were set and designs were chosen, the work started.  We would be supplying both the props department and set decoration .  Making quality was not difficult for us, but making quality toys that looked well used and still looked of top quality was a new challenge with an interesting, difficult learning curve.  The work was painstaking, careful detail and sequencing had to be followed to get the desired effect.  A small mistake or slip after hours into a piece could mean scrapping it and starting again.  A lot of midnight oil was burnt keeping up with the shooting schedule.  The project was completed in January, 2014.

The movie hit the box offices in February, 2014 and I finally got to see my work on the big screen.

In our products, you will notice items of browns and brass, all part of our Red Room Originals collection. They are all very similar to the toys and restraints in the movie with the exception of the aging…. I’ll leave it up to you to create that over time.